Thursday, 14 October 2010

A new Obsession

Last week I spent a lovely afternoon with my parents and made these yummy cupcakes (if I do say so myself).  `This is no new obsession` I hear you cry!  `She is already obsessed with cup cakes!`   Very true indeed and there is a closer pic of the strawberry flavoured treasures with raspberries from the garden (so proud of those berries) at the bottom of this post.  The cake-stands are nothing new either. Love those too!

The focus of the new found love lies clearly at the door of that pink teacup and saucer in the picture.  This was my Nans. It came with a few others as Nan has gone to live in a care home where she can be pampered a bit as she is 90!  It has to be said that Nan and I do share a good few traits, and pretty things like this is  just one.  Some have been squirrelled away but once I noticed how well this one went with my cake stand I just had to have more.  I also kept out this lovely trio and a colour scheme was borne.  The dining room has a oyster/black colour scheme but I think it can take an injection of pink.

I have just bought a couple more on ebay so really looking forward to adding them and the free trio I got for spending an undisclosed amount of money.  Don't worry its not megabucks, but prob more than I would pay for modern china.  Anyhoo, think I must now stay away from ebay and sit on my hands for a while.  I will show the new acquisitions when they get here and I have a feeling that the charity shops and jumble sales may get more visits than in the past. I really would like another of the pink one. Probably spend the rest of my life looking as I don't know much about it other than it is Queen Anne.  Do feel free to enlighten me.


  1. Lovely cakes and great china, that always makes the tea taste nicer :) x

  2. It certainly does woodbank crafts. How is your own baking coming along?

  3. We're having a bit of an over indulgance on cupcakes ourselves. Having found a receipe for wheat free cakes that tastes fab we've made them for 3 weeks in a row! :) x

  4. Those cakes are looking at me and saying 'eat me'! I so love the pretty pink cup - very delicate looking xx