Saturday, 23 October 2010

Folksy Friday on Spider Saturday!!!!

Its nearly halloween and so i have left the best till last. SPIDERS!!!!
My family think I am weird.  I love spiders.  Yes they do make me jump when they hurtle across the floor while we are watching TV, and no, I would prefer they are not in the bedroom when I go to bed. That said, I think they are the most amazing creatures.  I love nothing more than to watch them at work with their webs.  Ultimate crafters if you ask me.  My poor other half is terrified of them and gets quite upset when they spin a web across the garden path.  I must confess to a little snigger as he leaves for work in the autmn when its most likely with his hands in front of him to protect him from the webs.  So I hope you like my selections this week.  Just click on the title to take you to the full listing but be careful of the cobwebs!


  1. Thanks for featuring my Scary Fairy Door on your blog! Spiders are fascinating creatures and their webs are amazingly beautiful. I love that hat and brooch. Really cool!

  2. Ha ha! What is it about husbands and spider webs? Mine HATES them too and really freaks out if he inadvertently walks through one - I have to try not to laugh!xx

  3. First time visiting your lovely blog!
    There`s lots and lots og great inspiration in here... which I LOVE!
    I`m off to see more!